About Us

About us pages can be vague but also strangely specific,let us know how we did.

SupplyDrop began to bring you things you’d both want and need. We ensure that everything through your door is useful and brings joy. To date, we’ve helped celebrate thousands of birthdays, events, and special moments around the globe with our gift boxes.

The first drop was The Lockdown Collection, made to supply everything you’d want and need to thrive in lockdown. We specifically considered items to help mark special occasions and make an ordinary day a little extra-ordinary when you aren’t able to be there in person.

We now have over 25 boxes suitable for almost every occasion, along with a marketplace where single items can be purchased.

Our co-founders each run their own companies, one in tech & AI and the other in retail & e-commerce. It seemed like a perfect marriage of convenience. Using their joint expertise, international teams and supply chain, along with much coffee, late nights and conference calls - SupplyDrop was created.

Our co-founders are also legally married. They are currently locked in a power struggle (over the thermostat, not the company) and happily working together as far away from each other as possible in their quarantined space. More on them below.

Jedidiah Francis


Jedidiah loves complicated ideas and talking about them. Unfortunately for him, that’s unfortunate. He believes the creative use of technology can make complicated ideas understandable and products fun.

One of his first designs was an automatic bed-spreader when he was 12, which is not what his mother meant when she told him to make his bed. He’s also Founder of AI startup accelerator - Jed.ai Labs. He holds a 1st class degree in business management & biology, and a PHD in Statistics from the University of Oxford. He was previously the Head of Data Science at ASOS and founded their Data Science team. He's a frequent panelist on AI and technology issues (recently at the BBC). He also guest lectures at Imperial College London on AI, technology and startups, though some might assume he has enough lecturing experience at home.

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Angeline Francis Khoo


Angeline is a faux lawyer and recovering sugar addict. She likes plants and Jed's; she dislikes referring to herself in third person. She’s also the Founder and CEO of luxury women’s wear brand Rosie On Fire, which has been featured in Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Having a number of siblings on the autistic spectrum, she's a long time advocate for autistic people being integrated into the workforce and given more support within society. She has been featured in Business Today, YOU Magazine, Her World, Tatler and other international publications.

She has a Bachelors of Law and a Masters of Science from the University of Oxford, plus her professional law qualifications (LPC). When she grows up she hopes to be a better driver.

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Amelia Adkins

Operations (UK)

Watch out world. She does it all in half the time and with a perfect blowout. Able to juggle balls like no one’s business, she runs the UK operations.

Previous experience include roles as Head of Sales at ShineX and Commercial Operation Director in marketing.

Serena Tan

Production & Supply Chain (KL)

She has extensive experience in sales, supply chain management and sourcing, and if that's not enough she also speaks four languages 😮She's our resident Superwoman.

The smile is misleading...lightening quick, obsessively detailed, and with all the tricks up her sleeve, there’s nothing she can’t do and can do it with one hand behind her.


Stock & Logistics (KL)

Before we got our lucky hands on her, her previous experience include management positions at retail giant Zara. She’s now in charge of alllll the things and getting them where they need to be.

Mysteriously quiet, she’s deceptively effective. Our silent stock killer. Watch out for those quiet ones... 💪🏻🕶

Evelien - SupplyDrop

Stock & Logistics (UK)

She comes to us with extensive experience in retail, event organising, and hospitality.

Along with helping to keep the UK warehouse running and getting things where they need to go, there's not much you can say without her understanding (she speaks 5 languages) and have we mentioned she's also a trained chef?

Retail Operations (KL)

Because a successful 20 year career at retail giant Zara and at Mango running their national retail ops wasn't enough, she also dabbled in F&B just to keep things exciting.

Ready to tackle her next Everest, she's now getting her hands dirty with the e-commerce world helping run all our operations. Somehow she never loses her cheer or cool no matter what's throw at her.


Web & IT (Australia)

He’s the real MVP. Our hero who saves us on a daily basis, sorting out all the tech, web, and every other problem we encounter.


Advisory, Retail (Belgium)

He is one of the adults on our team. Stefaan was the former CEO of Lee Cooper jeans and VP of Esprit, and we’re lucky to have him on as our Retail Advisor.


Administration (KL)

She is our Little Miss. Sunshine and invaluable in keeping the office and everyone in it running and on track 💛


Advisory, CFO (UK)

He is one of our grown-ups. He was formerly a C-Suite executive at various large corporations and is now our Advisory CFO. Essentially, he makes sure we’re on budget and generally behaving🧑🏽‍⚖️

Supply Chain team

The Shy International Admin & Supply Chain Team

Our (shy) international admin and supply chain team are based out of the UK, Australia and KL. They're unseen but are truly the backbone of SupplyDrop.